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32 oz. Plastic Stadium Cup

Make an oversized statement with these 32 oz. Plastic Stadium Cups, the largest size we sell. Upload your logo or create a custom design to go with a tall cold drink at your group’s next event.

These custom stadium cups are serious business. It’s twice the capacity of a standard stadium cup. Available in more than 15 different fun colors, it’s the size of a Big Gulp. You’ll never worry about your guests staying hydrated when they’re drinking from these plastic tumblers.

With how large these cups are, you don’t have to be holding one to see the design. And you can print on both the front and the back of these to take advantage of maximum promo space from every angle.

You know how you’ll be at a basketball or football game, and you’re thirsty, but you don’t want to get up to go to the concession stand because you know something good will happen while you’re away? Fill your cup with beer or soda at the start of the game and never have to wait in those crazy halftime lines. Except maybe for the bathroom.

These are great for smoothies and milkshakes, too, because they’re large enough to accommodate a hand blender. Customize them for your nutrition counseling service, supplement shop, or gym. No more mixing in one cup and pouring into another when you’re toting these massive tumblers.

With a sweet graphic commemorating the occasion, these are great for iced tea or lemonade at your annual family reunion cookout. Plenty of space for ice and enough drink to last you through one of grandpa’s stories. Or if your family is going on a cruise together, create customized tumblers so everyone only has to go to the buffet’s beverage station once each meal. And they can carry out enough to stay hydrated poolside, too. 

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22 oz. Plastic Beverage Mug

This custom mug is available in a dozen colors, which makes it perfect for beer, soda, or whatever you’re drinking. A good size with large handles, these mugs are easy for everyone to hold from little kids to arthritic elders. Made in the USA of BPA-free plastic, they’re top-rack dishwasher safe, which means you can enjoy them again and again.

Of course, the best thing about these mugs is that they don’t break when you drop them like most drinking vessels. Their large size and sturdy base also means they’re harder to knock over accidentally. That makes them great around both rambunctious kids and physics-testing cats.

They’d be a great giveaway for your employees at your next company picnic, customized with your logo. You can choose to have the same design or different ones on the front and back. Upload your nonprofit’s logo for a fun option at a veterans’ fundraiser. And, of course, these are sweet for your Oktoberfest celebration. Prost!

If you run a small brewery, upload your logo to create mugs for visitors on tasting tours. Create a fun design for the pub crawl at your bachelor or bachelorette party so they’ll have something to remember it by (hopefully). Or print something special on them for your casual wedding reception. Better yet, have these at the root beer float station!

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17 oz. Mood Stadium Cup

Color-changing drinkware has long been the exclusive domain of coffee mugs, but no more with these 17 oz. mood stadium cups. Pour an ice cold drink into this plastic tumbler and watch as it magically transforms. Well, scientifically in reality, but “magically” sounds better, right?

These custom color changing cups are available in just shy of 10 color combinations, including a yellow and green that’ll work well for some sports teams, a very feminine pink and purple, and a fiery red and orange perfect for drinks next to the fire pit. But you get even more wow factor if you choose one of the cups that starts out looking like a plain frosted glass and then blossoms with color when it gets cold.

This is ideal for outdoor events in warm weather. Since glass is often banned, this durable plastic cup is great to enjoy by the pool or at the beach. It’s a great giveaway at festivals and fairs. These are also perfect for iced tea on the porch at family reunions or BBQs. As a host, you can also use the technology to easily identify when guests could use more ice. Color changing stadium cups are fun for kids’ summer sports or large parties like quinceañeras. And, of course, they bring a little extra zing to your party or wedding reception if you’ve rented a frozen margarita machine.

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16 oz. Reusable Plastic Party Cup

Tired of the old red plastic cup? Shake things up a bit at your next event with these 16 oz. reusable plastic party cups. Choose from over ten colors, including purple and neon green, to liven the group and leave the world a better place while you’re at it.

A fun way to take your event to the next level, these custom solo cups look just like classic red party cups, only they’re not red (or, well, they don’t have to be). Pick the right color to match your next tailgate or Super Bowl party, and you’ll score points with all your guests. They’re perfect for casual wedding receptions, summer music festivals, and company picnics – basically anywhere you would have used those disposable cups. But these aren’t your parent’s party cups. (Did your parents drink from red party cups? Wait. We don’t want to know.)These party cups are double-walled and insulated, keeping your guests’ beverages frosty just a bit longer for extra enjoyment.

And your guests don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying a cold drink from their reusable solo cups, because at the end of the night, they are, indeed, reusable. They get to take them home with them, like a party favor. Fun and eco-friendly! What more could you want in a promotional product?

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22 oz. Plastic Stadium Cup

Our bestselling 22 oz. plastic stadium cup has a color selection that can’t be beat. Add another level of fun to your next group event!

These custom stadium cups come in over two dozen different hues. That means you can match one to your team’s colors, your wedding reception’s colors, or your child’s birthday party colors without breaking a sweat. But if you did break a sweat, that’d be okay, because you’d have a large cold drink right at hand.

These plastic stadium cups were born in the USA of BPA-free plastic. They’re great for events because they’re stackable, which makes them easy to transport. And you can personalize both sides for maximum impact.

If your non-profit feeds the hungry, upload your logo or mission statement and use these in your soup kitchen. Stop buying disposable cups at the office when you create cups for your company’s employees. Add the school mascot and get these for field day or sports practices.

They’re great for tailgating and music festivals. Get them with your craft beer’s logo for brewery tours. Order them for the BBQ at the family reunion or the picnic before the concert.
These make adorable, inexpensive souvenirs for all those occasions and more. Put your fraternity or sorority’s letters on them for the next mixer and challenge drunk people to identify Greek letters. Print a sweet message on the side and have them at your casual wedding reception – either for the champagne, the soda, or the candy bar!

They’re great for sunning beside the pool or camping by the fire. And if you take them along on your family vacation to the beach, they double as sandcastle building tools! Upload a logo to create a graphic for these stadium cups today.

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16 oz. Plastic Stadium Cup

These 16 oz. plastic stadium cups will be a real crowd-pleaser at your group’s next event. When personalized with your logo or design, they’ll really get the party started.

Available in more than a dozen vibrant colors, these customizable plastic stadium cups are made in the USA from BPA-free plastic. At just under 4 1/2″ tall, these stackable cups are easy to bring along to your event, and they’re a mindful way to keep disposable cups out of landfills.

These custom plastic stadium cups are also great supplies for your son’s or daughter’s next birthday party. Create or upload a design that matches the party’s theme to print on the cups. Use them when the kids are enjoying drinks with cake and get extras to fill with candy and toys to give away instead of the traditional goodie bag. Creative, right? They also make great gifts when filled with themed items for elementary school classrooms.

Speaking of birthdays, these can be made for a friend’s 21st birthday celebration or a bachelorette party. They hold just the right amount of spirits, whether that’s beer or champagne or cocktails. And after the party, everybody who survives has a fun souvenir from the evening! (Which is good since they might not remember much else about it.)

Instead of renting glasses for your beach wedding, why not create a unique keepsake with these stadium cups? And don’t break out grandma’s crystal for the kids’ table at the family Thanksgiving dinner, because, well, we all know how that will turn out. They’re going to enjoy these more anyhow, and it means less dishes for the adults to do later. Click “Start Designing” to personalize these today! 

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